New Year…New You…New House

New Year comes with New You and New House! January always comes with looking over the past year and considering changes. Changes in your health and habits. Always striving to be better than the year before. Also considering what’s best for you and your family in all aspects of life. Contemplating whether the new year comes with a new home can be in your plans for 2018.

Take a look at these nuggets of information to help get you ready to have an effective time on the market. Learning what it’s going to take to catch the eye of Millennials and Baby Boomers just the same is great information to reach a wide spectrum of peeps. Keeping with the techno trends of videos and drone photography and let’s not forget the practicality of pre-inspections will keep you at the cutting edge of marketing your home. There’s so much to consider when listing your home…finding the right agent…examining the time frame that works for you…learning what the market in your neighborhood is telling you your house is worth.

There is so much to observe…enjoy the article!!