Happy Mother’s Day!!!

she made broken look beautiful

As I reflect on this year’s Mother’s Day, I realize the holiday continues to get sweeter each year. Of course, it’s another holiday and with societies holiday’s, comes a little stress; from wondering what gift will suffice to what gift will express your immeasurable gratitude. There is also anticipation as a mother what you might receive. 

Yesterday, I spent time thinking about my mom and her caring for me. It was smooth sailing, rough waters and sometimes even (what seemed) impossible storms.  I was a shy, introverted child that got picked on in the playground and had a speck of self confidence. I hoped that no one would talk to me so I wouldn’t have to respond. No eye contact. No eye contact. My hands would sweat when anyone walked my direction ready to spark a conversation. Maybe not even noticing, my mom strived to help me find strength…inner strength. As a gift of God, I already possessed that attribute. I believe we all have strength from within. She worked (worked hard) on drawing it out and taught me to be strong and courageous. She pushed me to take risks and be uncomfortable. Stepping out of my comfort zone was nightmarish. Many lessons were painful and grueling. And during the period of trial, you don’t realize you’re learning and growing. The trials of life are tumultuous. Thankfully, mom’s in their unique ways prepare you for life; with hard-knock sternness to gently, vulnerable apologies. As we, my mother and I are both adults and mother’s now, we enjoy visiting about parenting, reflecting on the memories and admitting the faults we have had as mothers.

I listen to different pastors from different parts of the country. Steven Furtick is a favorite. He was reflecting on his father around Father’s Day and the reflecting wasn’t great! In fact, it irritated him to think of his dad’s fathering. Then Steven received great advice from his father-in-law that he didn’t want to hear at the moment. “Remember the good times.” You will remember what you focus on. Focusing leads to  magnifying and you choose what you magnify. That is a lesson that I will strive to bring into action in my life with my relationships and especially with my mom. I pray that my children will focus on the good that I have shown in my role as their mother.

I cherish the gift of inner strength. The intangible treasure doesn’t shine or glitter, but it is a talent I hold tightly. It’s what has helped me as a mother and a wife. It helped me walk into an AD’s office and convince him that I was equipped to be the Head Volleyball Coach and oversee a program. I held that position for fourteen years. Currently, helps me as a real estate agent to serve people and enjoy every minute of building relationships. My parents and especially my mom had her work cut out. She helped mold a bashful, vulnerable little girl to a strong, courageous person that enjoys being herself. THANK YOU MOM!  



Information empowering you against Flu.

The flu is raging among our Lubbock Community; from school closings to a spike in hospital stays. Educate yourself to keep you and your family safe. Equip yourselves to help fight the virus. The link provided at the bottom of page gives you sound information concerning the flu from the City of Lubbock.

To add to the ways to resist becoming a victim alongside the information the City has provided…

**Vitamin C to help boost immune system

**Other foods that help: garlic, cayenne pepper, honey(not under age of 2)

**Stay hydrated

**Lots of rest

**Minimize stress 🙂 🙂

**Clean and disinfect your house…bedsheets, bathrooms, doorknobs, replace toothbrushes, etc

(Disclaimer: the above recommendations are my personal opinion and I am not a licensed health professional)

Information from City of Lubbock concerning flu


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